Tenant Communication on The Application

Once you onboarded your tenants, communication between members around a property or property unit becomes easy and more effective.


Tools for Effective Communication on the Platform

Once your tenants have been onboarded, both you and your tenants can find your way around the nitty-gritty of property management without difficulties.

Message Module


By making use of our in-app messaging feature, you and your tenants can easily discuss property related problems and resolve them quickly. Send or respond to the message anytime, anywhere right from your ownerstown dashboard. No more phone calls or text messages.



Communicate with your Property Manager on the platform and manage their performance right from your OwnersTown dashboard. Your property managers will be informed right away and start working on it.


Chat with tenants groups in one go. You don’t need to create the Whatsapp group to arrange meetings to bring multiple tenants together. Simply add the desired tenants to a group and start communicating.


To maintain communication

Property Specific Notifications

The OwnersTown dashboard is built for seamless communication. You can share information, send the request and discuss news and updates without having to wait long for a response. Both owners and tenants will be notified immediately on a number of things.
  • In-app notification, user and system-generated messages, rent collection remainders.
  • Updates regarding the property, task reminders, start and end of the tenure, vendor request and more.

Email Notifications

You and your tenants will also receive email notifications for any of the following reasons:
  • User inactivity on the dashboard, critical property or tenants updates.
  • New leads, changes of password and phone/email verification.
Email Notifications
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