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Get the best price for your property, without moving an inch. Our team of industry veterans will work their magic and make your property selling experience, a hassle-free and fulfilling one.

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Selling your properties is a much easier with OwnersTown.

We understand the complexities faced during the property selling process and are with you every step of the way to ensure that you hand over your property with satisfaction. From a thorough building inspection to listing it on our dedicated seller portal to finding the best price for your property, OwnersTown will make your process hassle-free.


Why Choose Ownerstown

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Market Growth

The current market scenario had led many property owners to believe that the road ahead is a difficult one. However, the good news is that property buyers are on the rise.

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Better Deal

With OwnersTown by your side, you can consider selling your property with confidence. Our expert team will help you find the best buyer and the best deal possible.

Selling Through OwnersTown Is Incredibly Simple

In just a few hassle-free steps, you can start selling property on OwnersTown.


Upload Property Details on OwnersTown

Register with OwnersTown as a owner and furnish property details including photos of your property. The more photos you upload, the better it is for the buyer looking for something specific. Your work is almost done.



Go to List My Property > Sale

In the OwnersTown Seller Dashboard, go to "Properties" and choose For Sale. You are now one step away from putting your property up for sale.


Select Property for Sale

In the For Sale screen, select "Put Property" for Sale. Now, give yourself a pat on the shoulder because your property will be advertised through OwnersTown and we will take care of the rest. One of our experts will get in touch with you soon to advise you on the selling process.


Ownerstown Advantage


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Faster Turnaround Time

Nobody must wait a long time to sell their properties. We believe in the “Genie in the Bottle”.Our processes are made to be faster and simpler so that you can sell your property soon.

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Verified Buyers

Once your property is advertised, we will shift through interested buyers and conduct rigorous background checks to ensure that you only sell to a genuine buyer.

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Hassle-Free Process

Right from advertising your property to securing the deal, OwnersTown ensures that everything is taken care of making it an effortless and hassle-free time for you.

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Best Deals Anywhere

Our team will not only find the best deal for you and also help you with the loan process that entails (if required). That is the OwnersTown Guarantee.

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Wealth of Expertise

Decades-long expertise and a comprehensive set of skills make our team ofveterans the best people to place your trust in.


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One OwnersTown Property Services LLP,
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#18, CSI compound, 2nd Cross Rd,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027.

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