A One-Stop Property Management Solution

Managing properties can be troublesome for many. That’s why OwnersTown, through its property management system, looks to relieve you from the stress. Our app does more than just look after your properties, we also advertise rentals, screen and onboard tenants, handle service vendors, assist in legal and liaison services and more.

Easy Onboarding

In just a few, hassle-free steps you can add a property.


Add Property

First provide details of your property. These would be simple details such as age of your property, it is residential or commercial, or the build up area size. Once you've provided these, you can move to the next step.



Onboard Rent

Add the costs of rent and security.


Add Details

List out your property's amenities and upload photos.




To manage properties

Documents Management

Find all property documents in one place. Manage, share, sort and download any document in just a snap right from the OwnersTown portal.
  • Easy access to all documents right from your OwnersTown dashboard.
  • Drag, drop and share documents from your computer to OwnersTown and to anybody else.
Documents Management

Account Management

Find your all property transactions in one place. The Accounts tab in the OwnersTown dashboard. Record, manage, sort and share property-related transactions online without needing to rely on paperwork.
  • Generate invoices in just a few easy and hassle-free steps.
  • Your finances are secured via encryption
Account Management

Tenant Management

From advertising rentals to screening tenants to onboarding to communications to exit, OwnersTown takes care of your entire tenant management cycle.
  • All tenants from all your properties in one place
  • Dedicated tenant portal where your tenants can raise tickets and communicate with you.
Tenant Management

Task Management

Keep reminders for any property related tasks by simply adding them priority wise to the to-do list. Add annual, half-yearly, monthly or even weekly tasks to your to-do lists and streamline efficiently.
  • Easy to create tasks, assign vendors and tenants and, reporting.
  • Access daily and property-wise checklists to stay up-to-date on your properties.
Task Managment

Advanced Reports

Don’t want to get caught in numbers? OwnersTown’s advanced reporting will handle the analytics and give you only the information you need about the performances of your properties.
  • Create rent reports, lease statements, maintenance reports and more.
  • Easy to create reports, easier to analyze them.
Advanced Reports

Vendor Management

Whatever your maintenance issue may be, OwnersTown has a man for the job. We offer a list of service providers verified by our veteran team. Or simply add your vendors on the platform. Contact a service provider through the dashboard and assign them a task. No more phone calls. No more tension.
  • Many verified providers to choose from.
  • Assign vendors to a specific property so that you don’t have to search for them again.
Vendor Management
Additional Perks Just for you


The OwnersTown dashboard is encrypted to ensure that your data is secure.


Set reminders for a number of things from rent to maintenance check-ups.


Get notified in-app or via email for changes in property status, reminders, task completion and more.
Ready to jump in?
Set-up your first two properties for free.
OwnersTown allows you to register up to three properties for free. As soon as you register a property, your details will be stored in our database and our veteran team will immediately start working on making your property management easier.

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